The perfect team — Perfect for us.

Karen Sowter profile small.jpg

Karen Sowter, Soapmaker


Samuel, Test Master

If our soap can pass the 'mush in the bath test', the 'I am 4 and I know best test' and the 'sensitive skin test' by Sam, then there is a fighting chance the soap will make it to market. The Christmas mulberry soap failed the Sam Test as it turned him purple. (You know how mulberries stain your fingers? Well, if you add too many fresh mulberries to a soap batch, they stain the legs of your 3 year old as well).


Gidget, Chief Supporter

Miss Gigi is Chief Supporter, she is always around offering inspiration, lending her support for new ideas and is a great listener to bounce concepts off. She is also the main tester for our dog soaps.

My lovely husband Mark, is my Encourager, he backed me absolutely when I mentioned I'd like to start this crazy journey. He is the one refilling the oil containers at 1am, packing my car at 5am, picking up enormous parcels from our post office and doing all the jobs that make Sugarloaf Soap tick over.

Gigi and Samuel are constantly competing for the title of 'Most Energetic' member of the team.