Sugarloaf Soaps are handcrafted on farm in our beautiful valley using natural oils, organic ingredients, pure essences and are renowned for being nasty free.


Our Soaps

Sugarloaf Soaps are made in the hilly Williams River Valley, not far from  Dungog, NSW. The soaps are as natural as the hills and when you use a cake of Sugarloaf's soap, you'll feel the freshness of the farm and the vitality of rural Australia. 

Our Soaps

Our Story


Sugarloaf Soap started crafting soap in Nan’s old pudding pot that boiled and fizzed and spat liquid out to the roof of the stables. The chickens ran for cover and it’s lucky the horses were out in the paddock. 

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Pure Oils


Each of our soaps contains a unique combination of natural plant oils, botanics, essential oils and natural ingredients such as calendula, local goats milk, oats, barley or black poppy seeds for exfoliation. Nothing nasty and no palm oil.

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