Sugarloaf Soaps are made in the hilly Williams River Valley, not far from  Dungog, NSW. The soaps are as natural as the hills and when you use a cake of Sugarloaf soap, you feel the freshness of the farm and the vitality of rural Australia.


Sugarloaf Soap was started when Karen's darling son changed from a delicious sweet smelling baby to a sweaty stinky toddler and she couldn’t find anything pure or gentle enough to use on his skin. Karen started experimenting with local farmers oils to make soaps to reduce the skin irritations he suffered as a baby.

The results were surprising and soon Karen began receiving orders from friends and eventually from retail outlets.

Living on a farm, Karen and Mark's son plays in the mud, ‘works’ in the cattle yards, collects the eggs and cleans out the chook house, so they needed a soap that would clean, keep him smelling sweet and his skin nourished.

Their farm is called Sugarloaf and from that name Sugarloaf Soap was created.

Australia is a wonderful source of local farmers, growers and processors. Karen is convinced that there is no need to put artificial, chemical laden foods in our bodies and nor is there any reason to use those horrible things on our skin. 



Since Karen made the first batch, she has learnt a lot. She started with Nan’s old pot that boiled and fizzed and spat liquid out to the roof of the stables. The chickens ran for cover and it’s lucky the horses were out in the paddock. Nan's poor old pudding pot quickly got a new lease on life as part of the market display and now she uses quality food grade stainless steel pots for melting and mixing.

Sugarloaf Soaps are handmade in a beautiful valley using natural oils, organic ingredients, pure essences and are renowned for being nasty free.

Her philosophy is simple, use local and pure oils, natural products, a time tested method and mix.

The soap blends are inspired by what is in season, what is in Karen's pantry, what ingredients she finds on friends farms and at local farmers markets.

Sugarloaf Soaps help nourish and care for your skin in the best way possible - naturally.






Supporting Farmers
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Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Macadamia Nut Oil

Supporting Australian Farmers and Growers

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