What is in Sugarloaf Soap?

Each of our soaps contains a unique combination of natural oils, botanical essential oils and natural ingredients such as oats, barley, poppy seeds for exfoliation, dried citrus leaves or flowers.

We have developed a great soap recipe using natural ingredients and lye. We use lye to saponify the oils in the soap and none remains after the saponification process is complete.

  • We do not use chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or other artificial frothing agents.
  • We do not use artificial fragrances or dyes.

For information on the ingredients of individual soaps, please go to the soaps page.

How was soap discovered?

Soap legends say soap was discovered centuries ago on Sappo Hill in Rome when a group of Roman women were washing their clothes in the River Tiber. The women were below a hill from which the sacrificial animal fats ran down into the river and created a soapy clay mixture. They soon found that with using this same substance the clothes were coming clean easier. Soap has been made this way ever since using animal fat and lye dissolved in water.

Do you use sulfates?


Do you use parabens or preservatives?

No. No nasties at all.

Do you use palm oil?


Do you use artificial perfumes or fragrances?

No synthetic or artificial products are used. Only botanical extracts are used to perfume our soaps.

I have sensitive skin, can I use Sugarloaf Soap?

Generally natural oil soaps are gentler on skin than commercially produced soaps. The Sugarloaf range includes soaps that are specifically created for those with sensitive skin, in either goats milk or spring water.

The Pure and Simple soap contains no essential oils or other botanical ingredients, literally pure and simple plants oils. That said, I still would suggest that when using Sugarloaf Soap for the first time you test it on a small area of your skin.

Can Sugarloaf Soap be used on children and babies?

For babies I make a special Baby Bastille soap. It is high in olive oil and buttermilk with a few drops of lavender.

I use the whole range on my 3 year old, in fact once I dyed him a bit blue when I was testing if blueberry would work as a colour! Too much raspberry also turned him more pinkish than normal!!

As with any new product, I’d still recommend you do a test on a small part of their skin.

I would like to order soap as a gift, can you deliver to my friends address?

Of course. Please change the delivery address at checkout.

Top Tip

A good tip is to make sure the soaps stay out of that puddle on the side of the basin or bath and are allowed to dry between uses. A long time customer once told me that she uses an upside down nail brush as a soap rack.